Training gives us more speed at a high level of competence

For incoming attorneys and articled clerks

In-house training is an important part of our life at Brödermann Jahn. The university studies prepare for only a small part of the requirements of the life of an international business lawyer. As a result, we make it a point of teaching and training our associates and articled clerks (“Referendare”). The training takes place both on the job – usually within project teams - and in a structured way. For example, we meet in regular intervals on mondays to discuss developments of the law. Further, each Referendar or trainee will end his or her stay with the firm with a speech on an agreed legal subject during one of our famous “luncheon speeches”. In this respect, we are convinced that everybody within the firm can learn from everybody.

About five times per year we host also evening seminars in which partners or external speakers (judges, professors) teach on any given subject such as “The Art of International Contract Drafting”. These seminars are followed by joint dinners.

Within our daily work, we meet once a week for organisational meetings (“Einsatzbesprechung”) in which we organise the pooling of know how for any given legal project.

Once a year, all attorneys gather for a week-end of training on the country-side.

For incoming assistants

Through our electronic handbook we have gathered the know how of the firm on all important subjects and procedures of the firm. At their arrival, assistants receive a first coaching on the basis of that book.

Questions can be discussed during the office meetings in which all secretaries meet with the management.

Further, we have a program under which selected secretaries can participate in an English training. English is a working language. Yet, we know that it takes training and exercises to cope with it on a professional level.