Business Contracts

Although the art of drafting contracts is as old as human society, it must constantly change and adapt to the needs and requirements of business in a world marked by technological innovation, globalisation and legal development. Brödermann Jahn has made contract drafting, management and controlling one of its specialities.

Its experience includes drafting contracts in relation to mergers and acquisitions, industrial plant establishment, technology and digital business, license, distribution and logistics agreements, use of satellites and international trade.

The firm has special expertise in coping with complex contractual documents (including many interrelated contracts) and with cross-border contract negotiations and different drafting techniques (depending on the cultural and legal background of the busines partner, it may be helpful to use different drafting techniques and tactics). In this context, the language skills of the firm have proven to be very useful (including e.g. German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Portuguese).