Information Technology & Data Protection

Since the foundation of Brödermann Jahn the IT-systems have developed in a breath-taking speed. Brödermann Jahn has accompanied a large variety of the events which have shaken and shaped that industry.

  • The firm has advised on many IT related transactions including the purchase and sale of IT related companies, joint ventures, complex out sourcing and in sourcing contracts. In the last century, Brödermann Jahn has already advised on the contractual aspects of the establishment of two of the first German shopping malls on the net. Today, the firm advises in transactions related to all possible stages of IT-firms and IT-business (e.g. foundation, insolvency, purchase of assets out of insolvency proceedings).
  • The daily housekeeping work for the IT industry has included sales agreement, license agreements, intellectual property aspects including open source questions.
  • In a number of litigations Brödermann Jahn has acted on issues (e.g. of intellectual property) which could not be handled by way of negotiation. 

The IT related work scope requires input out of virtually all areas of competence of the firm described in this website as “core competences”.