Real Estate Transactions

The real estate work of Brödermann Jahn concentrates on international and national real estate transactions. In this respect, the firm has advised both on outbound real estate investments in foreign countries (e.g. USA) and on inbound real estate transactions (e.g. investments of foreign companies in real estate assets and portfolios in Germany).

  • The real estate related transactions have included international corporate structuring, purchase and sale of real estate companies and/or of real estate assets, joint ventures and contracts on the development of real estate (e.g. construction contracts). While the work of the firm is mainly international, Brödermann Jahn has also advised on domestic German real estates transactions, e.g. in connection with the sale of a bundled set of real estate assets out of insolvency on behalf of a trustee in insolvency.
  • The daily housekeeping issues of real estate connected legal work has included advice on lease and rental agreements.
  • In most instances Brödermann Jahn was successful to avoid litigation. On occasion, the firm has relied on alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

The scope of legal work in the area of real estate includes in particular contract law, security law, private international law and other related aspects of the law.