Corporate Restructuring & Reorganisation

To minimise losses or reduce costs modern insolvency favours debt restructuring and reorganisation to avoid liquidation. Yet, these tools should also help to avoid insolvency proceedings at all. Brödermann Jahn has in-depths experience in restructuring and recapitalisation and we have been involved in many complex discussion and negotiations with banks, business angels or stakeholders to set up reliable refinancing and get the clients’ business going again. During each such process we never forget to keep the natural persons out of focus and avoiding unbearable personal liability. 

We aim at a long term improvement of the client’s financial situation even if this might include sometimes (at first sight) inconvenient decisions such as behavioural reorganisation or a change of the product spectrum. We have no hesitations to work alongside the client’s tax or business advisors as the client focus is our focus in times when seas are heavy.