Estate & Inheritance Law

Brödermann Jahn offers legal services in all relevant issues surrounding any matters arising post mortem, such as probate proceedings and inheritance disputes (contentious probate). This includes all issues regarding the distribution of the estate, the settling of the estate (certificate of inheritance, execution of wills and administration of the estate) and the legitimate share. The Estate Law Team has the competences and manpower needed to handle complex estate cases and complex legal questions.

We advise and represent you in cases post mortem, probate as well as contentious probate, in connection with the following topics:

  • Probate proceeding
  • Settling of the estate
  • Community of heirs
  • Distribution of the estate
  • Legitimate shares
  • Execution of wills and administration of the estate
  • Inheritance dispute 
  • Certificate of inheritance
  • Challenging of a will