Estate Law Team and Network

The Estate Law Team consists of several lawyers and support lawyers. The Team is headed by Dr. Andrea Tiedemann, Specialist Lawyer in Estate Law and Succession, supported in the area of estate law by Marie Weicke and in the area of business law by Prof. Dr. Eckart Brödermann (University of Hamburg, LL.M. Harvard, Maître-en-droit Paris). All team members have a broad and profound knowledge of estate law, as well as of private international law and international litigation, also reflected in their publications, presentations and professional commitment. All team members have gained special professional experience outside of Germany and competence in foreign languages. We can easily advise in other languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

In estate law matters, as in business law matters, we can rely on our network of international law firms and cooperation partners, built up over many years, to the extent necessary in daily business. In tax matters, Brödermann Jahn cooperates with highly qualified tax specialists, particularly when complex national or international tax issues have to be considered.