International Focus

Brödermann Jahn's special focus lies on international cases where not only a profound knowledge of the national inheritance laws is required, but also a comprehension of conflict of law rules and the particulars of foreign legal cultures.

Brödermann Jahn's Estate Law Team is widely experienced in international estate law cases and cross-border transactions. We can handle these international cases because of our language skills, our international network and our profound knowledge of international conflict of law rules. Further, we have a detailed overview over comparative estate law in many foreign legal systems, enabling us to understand the special needs, backgrounds and cultures of foreign clients and to communicate with them on one level.

Advice on matters of international estate law is provided particularly in the following areas:

  • Structuring of successions with international issues (citizenship, domicile or assets in various countries)
  • Management of international estate law disputes
  • Settling of estates with assets in foreign countries
  • Settling of estates outside of Germany (foreign probate proceedings, e.g. in the U.K. or the U.S.)
  • Settling of estates and enforcement of inheritance claims in Germany for clients domiciled outside of Germany