Focus on the clients has allowed us to grow

The law firm Brödermann Jahn was established by Prof. Dr. Eckart Brödermann as a spin-off of a large German law firm in October 1996, which was joined by the former senior partner Dr. Erhard Jahn in December 1997. Since that time, the firm operates under its present name. In 2007 the firm was transformed to a special form of a private limited company called “Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH” which the German law provides for lawyers. The law firm Brödermann Jahn is itself registered as a “lawyer” with the competent Hamburg Bar Organization (in addition to the registration with the company register with the local Hamburg court).

This legal form requires the compliance with a number of additional obligations such as additional professional indemnity insurance or the requirement that only lawyers (and selected professionals, e.g. chartered accountants, who are also subject to a special professional regime and who also have the right to keep silent in case of an investigation into a client’s matter) may hold shares and manage the law firm. In Germany we feel that these requirements protect the clients and support the independence of the legal profession.

In 2007, our senior partner Dr. Erhard Jahn passed away at the age of 76. He continues to live on in our minds, the firm´s name and the values which we share within the Team. In all of its fields of work, Brödermann Jahn can rely on a network of cooperating and befriended law firms around the globe.

Currently 75 % of the firm's business is international and/or truly global.