Law is a toolbox

We consider the law as a tool to increase the economic success of our clients and restore balance to their businesses. With the help of legal strategy development, case management and modern negotiation techniques, we are generally successful in finding solutions which are economically viable and legally sound.

Thereby, we economize time and costs. Even litigation is very often an instrument within the tool-box of general case planning. We all love our profession and the legal work connected with it (most of us have written at least one legal book). This gives us the enthusiasm and strength we need to make our clients’ projects even more successful.

Furthermore, we are not only young in spirit and experienced as a "can-do" law firm in fighting to achieve our clients' desired objectives in transactions or dispute settlements. We also measure up in terms of sophistication and horsepower that we bring on the road to firms much larger than ours. It is an intricate part of our philosophy to grow not for growths sake, but so as to remain fiercely competitive where we need to expand while always striving to maintain our internal fabric of friendship, loyalty, mentoring of junior lawyers, as well as fun on the job.