German Private International Law ("Internationales Privat- und Zivilverfahrensrecht")

Prof. Dr. Eckart Brödermann & Dr. Katharina Klingel

The Prütting/Wegen/Weinreich is the result of substantial team work of about 50 authors including academics, judges and practicing lawyers. In addition to the German Civil Code, it includes the most important ancillary legislation and the European and German Private International Law which is applicable to determine, whether the German Civil Code applies. The book further discusses numerous European directives on which important parts of the German Civil Code are based, and it includes references to international law such as the CISG and, on occasion, also to comparative law. For each paragraph, the commentary (i) prints the text of the legislation, (ii) describes the background and context as necessary, (iii) references the interpretation given by the courts, in particular by the German Federal Court in Civil Law Matters and (iv) discusses open issues and/or “hot topics”.


Professor Dr. Eckart Brödermann und Dr. Joachim Rosengarten und unter Mitarbeit von Dr. Katharina Klingel

6. Aufl. 2012

Franz Vahlen München

ISBN: 978-3-8006-4192-5