Private International & Comparative Law

Remark on the decision of no automatic closure of current accounts as a result of listing in the Iran Embargo

Dr. Justus Jansen und Dr. Christoph Oertel

Since the introduction of the so-called Iran-Embargo at European level in 2007, several situations have arisen - due to its ever continuing expansion and intensification (a most recent example being...


German Private International Law ("Internationales Privat- und Zivilverfahrensrecht")

Prof. Dr. Eckart Brödermann & Dr. Katharina Klingel

The Prütting/Wegen/Weinreich is the result of substantial team work of about 50 authors including academics, judges and practicing lawyers. In addition to the German Civil Code, it includes the most...


Strict Liability in Europe

Dr. Christoph Oertel

A Comparative Study of the Development of Liability Irrespective of Culpability in European Private Law Objective liability is liability without fault of the injuring party as a requirement for the...


“EC Tort Law” and the German Legal Family

Thomas Kadner Graziano / Christoph Oertel

In the publication « Tort law of the European Community », stemming from a large research project regarding non-contractual civil liability in the European Union, the legal science highlights that...


European Principles of Tort Law: Which model to describe the scope of application of strict liability?

Christoph Oertel

The concept of strict liability (“responsabilité sans faute”; “Gefährdungshaftung“), with regards to comparative law, is an extremely heterogeneous topic. However, in 2004, the “European Group of...


Europäisches Gemeinschaftsrecht und IPR ("The Law of the European Community and Private International Law")

Dr. Eckart Brödermann

The book "The Law of the European Community and Private International Law" ("Europäisches Gemeinschaftsrecht und Internationales Privatrecht") was published by the Hamburg Max...


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