Hamburg Arbitration Drinks 2017 hosted by Brödermann Jahn

Monday, 14. August 2017

Circa 100 arbitration experts from Hamburg’s arbitration community, including the president of the Hamburg Constitutional Court, as well as guests from Berlin, Hannover, London and Vienna joined to discuss a wide variety of arbitration issues over drinks on the terrace of Brödermann Jahn’s offices overlooking Hamburg’s Innenstadt. Issues covered ranged from the quality of arbitration, selecting arbitrators, handling of the process to cost efficiency. The president of the Hamburg Bar Organization, Otmar Kury spoke to the importance of respecting and enforcing the law. The General Secretary of the International Chamber of Commerce Germany, Oliver Wieck emphasized the international function of arbitration and Germany’s capacity of taking on an even stronger role in international arbitration. Korinna von Trotha, speaking on behalf of the General Secretary of the German Arbitration Institution – DIS, Dr. Francesca Mazza, invited the audience to focus on prioritizing the issues. Brödermann Jahn founder Professor Dr. Eckart Brödermann underscored the importance of leaving the comfort zone, to expand one’s own arbitration community through discussions at events like this and meeting new colleagues and selecting the best possible independent arbitrators under the individual circumstances. 

The event was co-organized by the Hamburg Arbitration Circle, the Chinese-European Legal Association, the European Latinamerican Arbitration Association and the Latin-America Society. Further support was given by the Chinese-European Arbitration Center, the German Institution for Arbitration - DIS, The Hamburg Bar Organization, the International Chamber of Commerce and the Association Fostering the Practice of Law in Hamburg (Rechtsstandort Hamburg).