Overcoming Conflicts on Privileges: Is a Universal Approach Attainable?

Saturday, 08. April 2017

Auckland/New Zealand 

Brödermann Jahn’s founding partner Prof. Brödermann co-moderated the committee session on privilege and its impact on discovery and document production in the 27th Annual Meeting and Conference of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA), together with Mr. Robert Rhoda (Bird&Bird, Hong Kong). Mr. Francis Xavier SC (Rajah&Tann Singapore LLP, Singapore) and Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wegen (Gleiss Lutz, Stuttgart) participated in the principal panel as the key note speakers.

70 lawyers discussed on how to overcome the different perceptions of privilege and confidentiality in common law and civil law jurisdictions in 6 round-table discussion panels: (i) Common law jurisdictions are used to the concept of discovery, which entails the necessity to provide for appropriate shields in the form of privileges. (ii) Whereas civil law lawyers, who do not have discovery rules in their own jurisdictions, treat the topics discussed in common law countries under the heading “privileges” as matters of confidentiality, and professional secrecy sanctioned by criminal law. 

The IPBA intends to continue this multijurisdictional discussion at its next annual meeting to be held in Manila/Philippines on 14-16 March 2018. 

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