Advise within the chemistry industry is part of Brödermann Jahn’s daily business:

  • Chemistry related transactions have included the acquisition of companies trading with chemicals.
  • Daily housekeeping work within the chemical industry includes, for example, the drafting or negotiation of distribution ship agreement, coping with the regulatory law for chemical products, e.g. by obtaining German or foreign authorisation for the sale of chemicals or with various issues connected with contamination of production sides (soil/water).
  • Sometimes the operative business brings along the need to initiate or defend in a chemistry related litigation. Clients need quite often the assistance of a judge to enforce their sale or distribution agreements. Other litigation concern, for example, the solution of an exclusive distributorship agreement.

The work scope within this industry requires advise in different fields of law including contract law, antitrust law, compliance (proper authorisations), private international law, comparative law, arbitration and procedural law.