E-Business is a fantastic achievement as it establishes online presence and allows companies to link their internal and external processes more effectively. However, E-business is exposed to great security risks, such as company and customer data protection, data authenticity and non-repudiation. Brödermann Jahn helps its clients in minimizing these risks and bring E-Business back to a controllable business incentive.

  • E-Business related transactions include joint ventures and corporate structuring.
  • Daily housekeeping of Brödermann Jahn for clients in the E-Business includes, in particular, advising on content licensing, national and international web shop issues, General Terms and Conditions and consumer law issues.
  • In disputes within the E-Business industry we help in negotiations and dispute resolutions with IT technical expertise at formal litigation but also in mediation and arbitration procedures.

The scope of legal work related to E-Business covers a wide variety of fields of business law including most core competences of the firm (such as Business Contracts, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, International Trade and Customs but also Data Protection Law).