The insurance industry appears in the business of Brödermann Jahn in different facets.

  • In regular intervals, the firms gets involved in special projects with respect to insurance or re-insurance issues, e.g. the international sale of a package of insurance policies covering a certain kind of risk (damage; life), due diligence issues in the context of a projected take over of an insurance company or an insurance agency in Germany by a foreign investor, formation of a joint venture in the context of the entry of a German insurer into a foreign market, or advice in connection with the development of a new insurance product.
  • The firm advises regularly on daily housekeeping issues such as the interpretation of an insurance policy (issues of coverage), credit and transportation insurance issues, or issues relating to insurance taxation and invoicing.
  • In most cases Brödermann Jahn succeeds to avoid insurance related litigation. In some instances international arbitration has been necessary to enforce a claim.

The scope of legal work related to the insurance industry covers a wide variety of fields of business law including many core competences of the firm (such as private international law, business contracts, corporate law, compliance etc.).