By its international nature and focus Brödermann Jahn is heavily involved in issues of international trade. This brings along all kind of logistics questions. The firms has advised on a remarkable number of aspects.

  • Logistic-related transactions include advise on corporate joint ventures and plant construction (including all aspects related to moving the centre of action of a firm to the new construction site, such as, for example, IT-outsourcing and – later – IT-insourcing).
  • The daily housekeeping issues related to the logistic industry duly covers various contractual questions.
  • Luckily for our clients, we have been so far successful in avoiding litigation within this industry.Brödermann Jahn was engaged in the creation of the Hamburg Logistic Arbitration Centre.

The legal work scope for logistic industry related work requires input from various core competences of the firm, in particular business contracts, IT, distribution and IP law.