International Desks

Für die länderspezifischen Aktivitäten unserer Mandanten haben wir verschiedene Ländergruppen (Desks) gebildet. Die Anwälte des jeweiligen Desks haben durch Auslandstudium, Zusatzqualifikationen und jahrelange praktische Tätigkeit besondere Expertise bei der erfolgreichen Umsetzung von Mandaten mit Bezug zu diesen Sprachregionen und den dortigen Rechtssystemen erworben.

AngloAmercian Desk

Clients from common law countries expect and/or need special attention. The approach to matters and the legal reasoning in the USA, Canada, the UK and all Common Law countries and areas including India, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia are different as compared to the continental European and in particular the German approach to legal questions.

The Brödermann Jahn team offers, for example,

  • inbound and outbound transactions, e.g.
    • (i) German export business to the US market in various industries such as machines, cosmetics or textiles;
    • (ii) investment of US, Canadian, Indian, Malaysian or Hong Kong based companies in Europe.

The scope of work has even included the structuring of US investments in the UK or other European countries.

  • international arbitration matters on behalf of clients from common law countries and assistance in litigation management in case of litigation in common law countries,
  • assistance in daily business matters such as customs;

This offer is based on comparative legal training and experience of several lawyers in the firm including, e.g., Prof. Dr. Eckart Brödermann LL.M. (Harvard), who is also member of the New York Bar, Tina Denso LL.M. (London), and Dr. Eckard von Bodenhausen LL.M. (Cape Town). Some of the Counsels of the firm have taught at a US University (Professor Dr. Peter Behrens, Chicago), accomplished an S.J.D. in the USA (Ami de Chapeaurouge, Harvard) and are admitted as lawyer in New York (Ami de Chapeaurouge) or are admitted both as attorney-at-law in Toronto, Canada and as solicitor in London (Robert Amsterdam). With this team, Brödermann Jahn handles regularly US and Common Law related cases in various fields of business law.

In view of our experience we know well our limits and know when to call upon our excellent network of befriended law firms. Often, our background is the basis for efficient liaison with our cooperation partners.

Special: London

Brödermann Jahn offers its London-based clients advice on developing throughout Germany and/or continental Europe including:

  • Sales and purchases of companies, goods and services
  • Joint ventures
  • Establishing subsidiary companies
  • distribution schemes
  • mediation, arbitration and litigation

International action between London and Germany requires special skills in the handling of cross-border and international cases, such as the adaptation of UK requests to the requirements of the German legal system through a thoroughly comparative legal approach. This is where Brödermann Jahn can rely on its international comparative law background and its experience in cross-border transactions and international project management.

Brödermann Jahn provides these services for London-based clients in more than 15 industries throughout Germany and continental Europe.

Please contact us or our Director of Marketing in London, Pippa Blakemore ( 

French Desk

Brödermann Jahn offers to its clients some special services in French, on French law related issues or with respect to legal orders which are based on French law.

The team offers, for example,

  • the drafting of complex contract packages in French (e.g. several hundreds of pages in a complex plant construction matter),
  • the representation of German clients in negotiations in French,
  • the representation of French speaking clients in international arbitrations and litigations,
  • (draft) legal opinions on French law or other laws based on French law which serve as a basis for the work with foreign colleagues, in France or other French speaking countries,
  • preparation of legal opinions on French law to be submitted in German courtproceedings.

Prof. Dr. Eckart Brödermann and Dr. Katharina Klingel have both fully studied French law (D.E.U.G., Licence en droit, Maîtrise en droit). Moreover, Prof. Dr. Eckart Brödermannholds the title of a Lauréat du Concours Genéral. Dr. Katharina Klingel has written her doctoral thesis on a comparative analysis of French and emerging European law of suretyship. Prof. Dr. Eckart Brödermann has also published on French law. Dr. Christoph Oertel has taken part in the “Maîtrise Franco-Allemande”-Program of the Universities of Cologne and Paris I where he obtained the Maîtrise en droit and the LL.M. Cologne/Paris. Two further lawyers are fluent in French too.

The firm closely cooperates with a number of French law firms. In view of the French law background of the team at the French desk of Brödermann Jahn, the interaction with colleagues in France or other French speaking countries is extremely efficient. Many possible misunderstandings can be avoided.

Spanish/LatinAmerican Desk

For cases related to Spain, Portugal or Latin America, Brödermann Jahn offers a special service through its Spanish/LatinAmerican Desk. The Team of the Spanish/LatinAmerican Desk advises both in contractual and in contentious matters (Litigation/Arbitration) and has, in the past, e.g., negotiated compensation payments for the Argentinian side in an Argentinian-German commercial agency relationship that was ended one-sidedly, or advised on the establishment of a subsidiary in Spain to a German company. Brödermann Jahn has also been directing several international contentious succession cases in relation to Latin American countries (Argentina, Guatemala).

The Spanish/LatinAmerican Desk consists of numerous lawyers and  support lawyers. Dr. Andrea Tiedemann leads the Team and is mainly supported by Marie Weicke and Gesa Fröschner. In addition, various support lawyers work together with the Team. It can rely on the comparative and international expertise of the entire firm (for example, but not limited to, in European law questions), or, insofar as necessary, on the firm’s cooperation partners and network in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.


Dr. Andrea Tiedemann has worked on Spanish and Latin American related cases for more than 20 years. Prior to her time as an active attorney, she was a research assistant at the Latin American department of the Max-Planck-Institute for Private International and Foreign Law in Hamburg (1985-1988). In addition to her legal and comparative legal studies, Dr. Andrea Tiedemann studied Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Hamburg. She gained some practical experience working as a trainee in a law firm in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Marie Weicke also studied Spanish and Portuguese in addition to her law degree at the University of Hamburg. She spent three years in total in Argentina and Brazil, working and researching on Latin American law as well as working for an Argentinian law firm in Córdoba.

Chinese Desk

Brödermann Jahn has always given a special dedication to China related legal issues, with Prof.Dr. Eckart Brödermann’s first contacts in China as far back as the 1980s. In 2009 the firm decided to officially bundle its China related work in the Chinese Desk. 

Through its Chinese Desk Brödermann Jahn offers its clients special China-related services. These include:

  • inbound and outbound transactions (contracts, corporate structuring and re-structuring, including the setting up of branch offices both in Germany and Europeas well as in China)
  • international disputes (litigation/arbitration)

For inbound cases, (e.g. Chinese clients seeking to invest in Germany or other European countries) the firm can rely on its Chinese Desk team just as much as it is supporting network throughout Germany and/or Europe.

For outbound transactions, disputes and advice, the firm has a direct contact in China with its counsel Caroline Bérubé, who is situated in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Singapore and is herself assisted by a Chinese team. Furthermore, Brödermann Jahn can rely on a functioning network of law firms in China for more complex cases. We work with different Chinese law firms (including some of the leading and most renowned Chinese legal firms), depending on the question at stake and the region(s) involved.

Chinese Related Arbitration: CELA & CEAC

The economical globalisation necessitates the need for global legal answers.

In this spirit, Brödermann Jahn supports actively, on a pro bono basis, the work of the Chinese European Arbitration Centre and of the Chinese European Legal Association.

The Chinese European Legal Association (CELA) concentrates on the general exchange, mutual legal and cultural education and the relationship between China and Europe (

The Chinese European Arbitration Centre (CEAC) provides an instrument for dispute resolution based on a spirit of joint venture and sharing of powers between China, Europe and the other regions of the world (

CEAC was founded by CELA and inaugurated in 17 September 2008. The developments thereafter are summarised in the CEAC Newsletter.